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[[Category:Maryland 2002 local ballot measures]]
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[[Category:Local zoning, land use and development, Maryland, 2002]]

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Question C was on the November 5, 2002 election ballot in Talbot County.

The official ballot summary reads:

Bill 808, if adopted, would amend the Talbot County Zoning Code to:
  • Change the definition of "building supplies", to eliminate materials associated with "the building trade", and substitute materials associated with "building and home improvement."
  • Provide that the Table of Land Use Regulations controls what uses are permitted in each zone, taking priority over the types of uses set forth in the general-purposes statements establishing zoning districts.
  • Amend the General Table of Land Use Regulations to specify that building supply and lumber yards include home improvement centers.
  • Amend the site plan review process concerning access and traffic circulation to eliminate the final decision-making authority of the Planning Commission and Planning Officer, give each an advisory role, and give the final decision-making authority to the County Engineer.
  • Amend the site plan review process to make the Planning Commission's role advisory and to specify that the Planning Officer has final decision-making authority to approve, approve with conditions, or disapprove site plans.
Question: Should Bill 808 be approved? [1]