Maryland Transportation Trust Fund Amendment (2012)

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The Maryland Transportation Trust Fund Amendment did not make the November 2012 ballot in the state of Maryland as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment.

The measure would have established a Transportation Trust Fund to be used for purposes relating to transportation. Additionally, it would have prohibited the use of funds to balance the state's General Fund.[1] Additionally, the measure would have called for a 10 cent increase in the price of gas in Maryland and an increase in vehicle registration fees by 50%. Starting in 2013, the state's gas tax would have been indexed to the annual percentage growth in construction costs.[2]

According to reports, the 10 cent increase would have been applied as follows:[3]

  • Diesel tax would increase to 34.25 cents per gallon from 24.25 cents
  • Gas tax would increase to 33.5 cents per gallon from 23.5 cents

Path to the ballot

See also: Amending the Maryland Constitution

Placing a proposed amendment on the ballot requires a 60% vote of each chamber of the Maryland State Legislature. Maryland is one of nine states that allow a referred amendment to go on the ballot following the 60% supermajority vote.

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