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Masarrat Ali
Candidate for
Texas House of Representatives, District 122

Political party Democratic
Profession Biotech, Business Owner
Website Campaign website
Masarrat Ali was a Democratic candidate for the District 122 in the Texas House of Representatives in the November 2, 2010, state legislative elections.


  • B.S. in pre-medicine
  • M.S. in Biochemistry
  • Ph.D[1]

Professional Experience

  • CEO of Alpha Diagnostic Intl.
  • Scientist
  • Excelled in scientific research, publishing over 50 research papers in both American and British journals
  • Research assistant professor[1]


Ali Campaign Ad

Ali outlines his views on a number of issues on his campaign site:

Traffic Congestion & Toll Roads in District

Excerpt:"Problem: Legislators and private corporations are in discussion about bringing toll roads to Bexar County, particularly in district 122. They say it is to pay for the much-needed overpasses at Loop 1604 and US 281. But the money is available from the taxes we pay at the pump. It will cost an estimated $10 to $12 per trip just to drive 10 miles on a toll road.

Solution: Our roads should be built and maintained with the taxes we pay when we fuel our vehicles. In 2008-09 alone, $1.6 billion was diverted for non-transportation uses. When elected, I will propose a bill to stop this diversion of funds and fight toll roads in Bexar County. Toll roads are neither an equitable nor economic solution. It puts an unnecessary financial burden on drivers, especially daily commuters. We do need congestion solutions, but the money is available for us to build extensions and overpasses without toll roads."

Texas Dropouts are Out of Control

Excerpt:"Problem: Texas Ranks #36 out of all 50 states in high school graduation with a dropout rate of about 33%. The dropout rate in Bexar county is between 40-44%. Our students are not performing well. Dropouts from 2008 class alone will cost us, the TX State and the Tax payer, $30 billions in lost wages.


Attract better teachers with higher standards of qualifications by offering salary that is competitive with the job market. Continue to move away from standardized testing that has failed our children. Course examinations should adopt critical thinking not critical testing. We must understand and solve the problems students face that encourage them to dropout."

Higher Education is the Key for our Prosperity

Excerpt:"Problem: Working to get higher education opportunities have become a challenge for many young Texans. Because of the rising cost of education, students get behind and graduate in 5 to 6 years or simply drop out of college.

Solutions: I have spent a lifetime in higher education and worked in universities for most of my adult career. I see the problems facing college students and I know the solutions they need to graduate with degrees.

Reduce student debt by providing more performance-based grants. Provide work incentives upon graduation by collaborating with private companies. Make the transfer of course credits from other schools easier. Student loan reforms must be passed to reduce mounting student debt. Increase Texas grant funding and expand the Texas Tomorrow Fund II so more families can buy tuition credits at current prices."

Mounting State Debt Will Cripple Our Economy

Ali Campaign Ad

Excerpt:"Problem: The ongoing nationwide economic recession coupled with mismanagement and uncontrolled spending has brought us to an $18-billion budget deficit. Your tax dollars are going to waste.

Solutions: Socialist “Retro-budgeting” cuts are not a smart solution. I have managed two internationally renowned Biotech companies in San Antonio and have handled my expenses without ever reporting a loss in 17 years. This is what I know about managing money:

Leaders at the top should cut their own salaries and budgets before they ask the rest of Texas to follow. We must use Texas buying power to negotiate and cut 10-15% cost of the various products and services that we contract out as a state. Set targets for purchasing cost reduction and make agencies accountable."

The Texas “Margin Tax” is Hurting Small Businesses

Excerpt:"Problem: In 2009, the Texas legislature transformed the old “Franchise Tax” into the new “Margin Tax” that brought 12% of small businesses to pay higher taxes. Legislature also provided an exemption of $1 million that is due to expire in 2011. Lowering the exemption to $600,000 will hit an additional 25,000 small businesses.

Solutions: I will fight to keep the current $1 million exemptions to provide relief to small businesses. No more new taxes for new businesses. District 122 has many new businesses appearing all over the district. I own 2 small businesses in San Antonio. I know what it means to meet the payroll, to keep employees and to provide health care. I will make it my responsibility to see our district only grow in financial stability—not to be taxed endlessly."

Reforming Homeowner’s Insurance

Excerpt:"Problem: Many have lost their homes because of the corrupt way homeowners' insurance companies handle your coverage. These companies raise premiums without approval of the Dept. of Insurance or the consumers. They also use your credit score to charge more or deny coverage for home insurance.

Solutions: Homeowners need stronger reforms against unfair denials, delays or when claims are underpaid. I will hold Insurance companies accountable for prices, coverage and claims handling. It’s also time the Insurance Commissioner be chosen by voters, not by the Governor."

BexarMet is not Efficient

Excerpt:"Problem: Parts of district 122 in the Stone Oak area are forced to pay 40% more for water than the rest of Bexar County that is served by SAWS. BexarMet is inefficiently managing areas of North Bexar County and still expects to raise rates. You already pay more in property taxes in district 122. Why should you pay even more for your water?

Solutions: It’s time for all the citizens of Bexar County to have fair and equitable access to water. You should have a choice to select BexarMet or SAWS. Your elected state representatives are the ones who can make this happen."

We Must Adopt Green Energy Solutions

Excerpt:"Problem: The United States cannot rely on foreign oil alone. Other countries have already taken a lead in developing clean energy. Texas is a state worth preserving for future generations.

Solutions: Green energy solutions need to be a national priority. The technology is available—it is time we start using it to benefit us. I support all initiatives to use clean-burning fuels—solar, wind, and electric alternatives to oil. There is no reason why we can’t be energy self-sufficient. A green initiative is not only the best energy policy to me; it’s the only energy policy."[1]



See also: Texas House of Representatives elections, 2010

Beck ran for election to Texas House of Representatives District 122 and lost. He was unopposed in the March 2 Democratic primary and then defeated by Republican candidate Lyle Larson in the November 2 general election.[2]

Campaign donors


As of April 3, 2010, Ali has raised $17,357 for his 2010 election campaign.[3] For updated figures, check the Texas Ethics Commission Filings.

His four largest contributors in 2010 are:

Donor Amount
Ali, Masarrat $5,000
Ali, Masarrat $5,000
Ali, Masarrat $5,000
Alpha Diagonsitics International INC $1,960

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