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Deadline to turn in validated signatures arrives for MA initiatives (Updated)


By Al Ortiz

BOSTON, Massachusetts: Last week, it was reported that the first Massachusetts filing deadline passed on November 23, marking the first encounter of many obstacles supporters face in the state's initiative process. Although it was initially reported by state newspapers that three measures were planning to file signatures, the final outcome revealed that four proposals submitted signatures to local registrars that day.

The next step has now arrived. Supporters of the four proposals must turn in signatures validated by local registrars today, December 7, to the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office.

The four measures include the "death with dignity" initiative, the proposal to require car manufacturers to give non-proprietary diagnostic directly to consumers to repair their cars, the initiative to create a new teacher evaluation process and the medical marijuana initiative.

The initiative process in the state of Massachusetts is among the most complicated in the country, leaving only a handful in recent years to go through the entire process. Read more about this process here.

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