Massachusetts 2006 ballot measures

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In the 2006 election, 3 citizen initiatives appeared on the ballot. All 3 failed.

Key Facts

  • Of those 62, 40 passed.

2006 Ballot Measures

In the chart, CI stands for Citizen Initiative.

Year Type Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Status
2006 CI Sale of Wine by Food Stores Initiative (2006) Alcohol An initiative to allow cities and towns to issue wine licenses to qualified grocery stores. Failed
Yes: 915,076 (44%)
No: 1,180,708 (56%)
2006 CI Fusion Voting Initiative (2006) Elections An initiative to allow candidates to be nominated for the same office by more than one political party in one election, and appear on the ballot once for each party. Failed
Yes: 688,096 (35%)
No: 1,302,143 (65%)
2006 CI Family Care Worker Unionization Initiative (2006) Labor and Unions An initiative to allow licensed and other authorized providers of child care in private homes under the state’s subsidized child care system to bargain collectively with the relevant state agencies about all terms and conditions of the provision of child care services under the state’s child care assistance program and its regulations. Failed
Yes: 951,988 (48%)
No: 1,035,707 (52%)


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