Massachusetts House of Representatives elections, 2014

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Massachusetts House of Representatives elections, 2014

Majority controlQualifications
List of candidates
First Barnstable DistrictSecond Barnstable DistrictThird Barnstable DistrictFourth Barnstable DistrictFifth Barnstable DistrictBarnstable, Dukes & Nantucket DistrictFirst Berkshire DistrictSecond Berkshire DistrictThird Berkshire DistrictFourth Berkshire DistrictFirst Bristol DistrictSecond Bristol DistrictThird Bristol DistrictFourth Bristol DistrictFifth Bristol DistrictSixth Bristol DistrictSeventh Bristol DistrictEighth Bristol DistrictNinth Bristol DistrictTenth Bristol DistrictEleventh Bristol DistrictTwelfth Bristol DistrictThirteenth Bristol DistrictFourteenth Bristol DistrictFirst Essex DistrictSecond Essex DistrictThird Essex DistrictFourth Essex DistrictFifth Essex DistrictSixth Essex DistrictSeventh Essex DistrictEighth Essex DistrictNinth Essex DistrictTenth Essex DistrictEleventh Essex DistrictTwelfth Essex DistrictThirteenth Essex DistrictFourteenth Essex DistrictFifteenth Essex DistrictSixteenth Essex DistrictSeventeenth Essex DistrictEighteenth Essex DistrictFirst Franklin DistrictSecond Franklin DistrictFirst Hampden DistrictSecond Hampden DistrictThird Hampden DistrictFourth Hampden DistrictFifth Hampden DistrictSixth Hampden DistrictSeventh Hampden DistrictEighth Hampden DistrictNinth Hampden DistrictTenth Hampden DistrictEleventh Hampden DistrictTwelfth Hampden DistrictFirst Hampshire DistrictSecond Hampshire DistrictThird Hampshire DistrictFirst Middlesex DistrictSecond Middlesex DistrictThird Middlesex DistrictFourth Middlesex DistrictFifth Middlesex DistrictSixth Middlesex DistrictSeventh Middlesex DistrictEighth Middlesex DistrictNinth Middlesex DistrictTenth Middlesex DistrictEleventh Middlesex DistrictTwelfth Middlesex DistrictThirteenth Middlesex DistrictFourteenth Middlesex DistrictFifteenth Middlesex DistrictSixteenth Middlesex DistrictSeventeenth Middlesex DistrictEighteenth Middlesex DistrictNineteenth Middlesex DistrictTwentieth Middlesex DistrictTwenty-first Middlesex DistrictTwenty-second Middlesex DistrictTwenty-third Middlesex DistrictTwenty-fourth Middlesex DistrictTwenty-fifth Middlesex DistrictTwenty-sixth Middlesex DistrictTwenty-seventh Middlesex DistrictTwenty-eighth Middlesex DistrictTwenty-ninth Middlesex DistrictThirtieth Middlesex DistrictThirty-first Middlesex DistrictThirty-second Middlesex DistrictThirty-third Middlesex DistrictThirty-fourth Middlesex DistrictThirty-fifth Middlesex DistrictThirty-sixth Middlesex DistrictThirty-seventh Middlesex DistrictFirst Norfolk DistrictSecond Norfolk DistrictThird Norfolk DistrictFourth Norfolk DistrictFifth Norfolk DistrictSixth Norfolk DistrictSeventh Norfolk DistrictEighth Norfolk DistrictNinth Norfolk DistrictTenth Norfolk DistrictEleventh Norfolk DistrictTwelfth Norfolk DistrictThirteenth Norfolk DistrictFourteenth Norfolk DistrictFifteenth Norfolk DistrictFirst Plymouth DistrictSecond Plymouth DistrictThird Plymouth DistrictFourth Plymouth DistrictFifth Plymouth DistrictSixth Plymouth DistrictSeventh Plymouth DistrictEighth Plymouth DistrictNinth Plymouth DistrictTenth Plymouth DistrictEleventh Plymouth DistrictTwelfth Plymouth DistrictFirst Suffolk DistrictSecond Suffolk DistrictThird Suffolk DistrictFourth Suffolk DistrictFifth Suffolk DistrictSixth Suffolk DistrictSeventh Suffolk DistrictEighth Suffolk DistrictNinth Suffolk DistrictTenth Suffolk DistrictEleventh Suffolk DistrictTwelfth Suffolk DistrictThirteenth Suffolk DistrictFourteenth Suffolk DistrictFifteenth Suffolk DistrictSixteenth Suffolk DistrictSeventeenth Suffolk DistrictEighteenth Suffolk DistrictNineteenth Suffolk DistrictFirst Worcester DistrictSecond Worcester DistrictThird Worcester DistrictFourth Worcester DistrictFifth Worcester DistrictSixth Worcester DistrictSeventh Worcester DistrictEighth Worcester DistrictNinth Worcester DistrictTenth Worcester DistrictEleventh Worcester DistrictTwelfth Worcester DistrictThirteenth Worcester DistrictFourteenth Worcester DistrictFifteenth Worcester DistrictSixteenth Worcester DistrictSeventeenth Worcester DistrictEighteenth Worcester District
State Legislative Election Results

Massachusetts House of Representatives2014 Massachusetts State Senate Elections
Elections for the office of Massachusetts House of Representatives will take place in 2014. A primary election was held on September 9, 2014, and a general election will take place on November 4, 2014. The signature-filing deadline for candidates wishing to run in this election was June 3, 2014.

Majority control

See also: Partisan composition of state senates

Heading into the November 4 election, the Democratic Party holds the majority in the Massachusetts House of Representatives:

Massachusetts House of Representatives
Party As of October 2014 After the 2014 Election
     Democratic Party 125 Pending
     Republican Party 29 Pending
     Vacancy 6 Pending
Total 160 160


Candidate ballot accecss
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Article LXXI of the Massachusetts Constitution states: Every representative, for one year at least immediately preceding his election, shall have been an inhabitant of the district for which he is chosen and shall cease to represent such district when he shall cease to be an inhabitant of the commonwealth.

List of candidates

Pending once the filing deadline occurs in 2014.

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