Massachusetts Whale Safe Commercial Fishing (2010)

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The Massachusetts Whale Safe Commercial Fishing did not appear on the November 2, 2010 ballot in the state of Massachusetts.[1]

The initiative cleared one of the many signature gathering hurdles on November 18, 2009, gathering and submitting the required 66,593 voter signatures. Signatures were submitted to all local city and town clerks in the state. Once certified, they must have been delivered to the secretary of state's office by December 2, 2009. However not enough signatures were submitted.[2]


The summary of the ballot measure read as follows:[1]

This proposed law would declare the policy of the Commonwealth to be that protecting the safety and preventing the extinction of endangered whales and sea turtles in the Commonwealth’s marine waters is the Commonwealth’s highest priority and an issue of public safety.
Under the proposed law, the Director of the state Division of Marine Fisheries could authorize or license the use of fishing gear for commercial purposes only if the state Secretary of Environmental Affairs first made an annual scientific determination that no member of any species of whale or sea turtle would likely become entangled, killed, injured, or otherwise taken by any federal- or state-licensed commercial fishing in state coastal waters.
The Director could not authorize or permit the use of any type of gill net, drift net, or other fishing gear that suspends a curtain of mesh material in the ocean to capture fish without being actively towed. The proposed law would prohibit any person from directly or indirectly causing a whale or sea turtle to become entangled in commercial fishing gear.

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