Mead School District, Washington

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Mead School District is a school district in Washington that served 9,387 K-12 students during the 2013-2014 school year.[1] This district is the 33rd largest by enrollment in the state of Washington.

About the district

Mead School District is located in Spokane County, Washington
Mead School District serves K-12 students in the Town of Mead and the City of Spokane in Spokane County, Washington. The population of Mead was 7,275 according to the 2010 U.S. Census.[2]


Mead lagged behind state averages for median income and higher education achievement but outperformed the state poverty rate in 2010. The percentage of town residents over 25 years old with undergraduate degrees (26.9%) is below the state average (31.4%). The 2010 U.S. Census calculated Mead's median income at $57,125 while the state median income was $58,890. Mead had a poverty rate of 4.1% in the 2010 U.S. Census while the state rate was 12.5%.[2]


Mead School District publishes its annual budget on its website.[5]

Expenditures by Category
School Year Staff Expenses Student Services Operational Expenses Debt Service Other Budget Total
Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget Total % of Budget
2010-2011 $58,753,000 68.6% $4,722,000 5.5% $19,840,000 23.2% $2,308,000 2.7% $0 0% $85,623,000
Averages: $58,753,000 69% $4,722,000 6% $19,840,000 23% $2,308,000 3% $0 0% $85,623,000

Schools in Mead School District


The district served 9,387 K-12 students during the 2013-2014 school year. The district experienced a 0.5% increase in enrollment between 2009 and 2013. The following chart details enrollment in the district between 2009 and 2013:[1]

Total enrollment
Year Enrollment Year-to-year change (%)
2009 9,334 -
2010 9,450 1.2
2011 9,395 -0.5
2012 9,396 -
2013 9,387 -

District schools

Mead School District operates 25 K-12 schools listed below in alphabetical order:[6]

Website evaluation

Taxes N
600px-Red x.png
Budget N
600px-Red x.png
Meetings P
Elected Officials
Administrative Officials
Contracts N
600px-Red x.png
Audits N
600px-Red x.png
Public Records N
600px-Red x.png
Academics N
600px-Red x.png
Background Checks N
600px-Red x.png

School district websitesGuide.png
Transparency grading process
Main article: Evaluation of Washington school district websites

Last rated on December 18, 2012.

The good

  • Administrative Officials
    • Department heads are listed for each department.[7]
    • Contact information for administrative officials is provided including a mailing address, phone number, and personalized email.
  • Elected Officials
    • Elected officials are listed with a mailing address, phone number and personalized email.[8]
  • Meetings
    • Meeting minutes are archived for 2 years.
    • Meeting agendas are archived for 2 years.
    • A meeting calendar is available and names the times and locations of public meetings.[9]

The bad

  • Meetings
    • Meeting minutes and agendas are not archived for 3-5 years.
  • Budget
    • Budgets are not posted.
  • Audits
    • Audits are not posted.
  • Background checks
    • The criminal background check policy and teacher certification requirements are not posted online.
  • Contracts
    • Teacher collective bargaining statements are not provided.
  • Public Records
    • Public records information and request form not available.
  • Academic Performance
    • Academic performance is not noted.
  • Taxes
    • Tax information not provided.
  • Background Check
    • Background check policy not posted.

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