Michael Bagnell recall, Ventnor, New Jersey (2013)

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An effort to recall Michael Bagnell from his position on Mayor of Ventnor, New Jersey began in August 2013.[1][2] The recall did not go to a vote.


The recall effort was led by a group calling itself "The Ventnor 20 Group." They stated they were upset over Bagnell's actions as mayor after he took office in May 2012. They alleged Bagnell did a poor job managing the aftermath and cleanup of Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, Bagnell give a city job with a large pay raise as a gift to his campaign manager, and that Bagnell had put the city into debt. Bagnell refuted the charges and said the group was made up of supporters of the previous administration who were bitter over the 2012 election. The Ventnor 20 Group denied their motive was political retribution. Bagnell also told reporters, "I hope the rest of the city isn't willing to let 15 or 20 angry people determine how this city runs. I hope they actually pay attention to the facts and not the emotional outbursts."[1][2][3]

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In June and July The Ventor 20 Group began probing local residents' opinions by sending out information attacking Bagnell's actions as Mayor.[1][2][4][5]

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