Michigan Dove Hunting Referendum, Proposal 3 (2006)

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Michigan Dove Hunting Referendum, Proposal 3 was on the November 7, 2006 election ballot in Michigan as a veto referendum, where it was defeated.

Proposal 3 would have overturned state legislation (Public Act 160 of 2004) to allow a hunting season for mourning doves.[1]

Provisions of the legislation included:

  • Authorizing the Michigan Natural Resources Commission to establish a hunting season for mourning doves.
  • Requiring a mourning dove hunter to have a small game license and a $2 mourning dove stamp.
  • Stipulating that revenue from the stamp must be split evenly between the Game and Fish Protection Fund and the Fish and Wildlife Trust Fund.
  • Requiring the Department of Natural Resources to address responsible mourning dove hunting; management practices for the propagation of mourning doves; and participating in mourning dove hunting by youth, the elderly and the disabled in the Department's annual hunting guide.[2]

Election results

Proposal 3 (Dove Hunting)
Defeatedd No2,534,68069.0%
Yes 1,137,379 31.0%

Official results via: The Michigan Secretary of the State


World Hunting Association (WHA)[3]

  • According to a press release the WHA believes that the emotional appeal presented by opponents of dove hunting is a disguise for their ultimate goal of banning all hunting, trapping and even fishing


Stop Shooting Doves was the most focused opponents of the ballot. The group ran TV, print and web ads urging a "no" vote on Question 3.

Some of the arguments included:[4]

  • Mourning doves have been continuously protected in Michigan for 100 years
  • Committee to Restore the Dove Shooting Ban seeks to restore Michigan's 100-year ban on the shooting of mourning doves. The committee submitted 73% more signatures than the 159,000 required by law for certification
  • Hunting doves is unnecessary and serves no wildlife management purpose.
  • Doves are not a viable human food source.
  • There is an unacceptably high wounding rate for dove hunting. Scientific research studies confirm an average wounding rate of 30 percent in hunted areas - meaning that nearly one in three birds is wounded and not retrieved

Campaign funding

Below is information on the amount of funds raised for and against Proposal 3:[5]

Contributions for Proposal 2:

Contributor Total
Citizens for Wildlife Conservation Committee $643,637
MUCCS Stop the Antis Committee $25,332

Contributions against Proposal 2:

Contributor Total
Committee to Restore the Dove Shooting Ban $2,334,735
Songbird Protection Coalition Save the Doves 2006 $0

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