Michigan Minimum Wage Increase (2006)

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This measure did not
appear on a ballot.
The Minimum Wage Increase was an initiated constitutional amendment that was proposed to the legislature that raised the minimum wage from $5.15 to $7.15 over 3 increments. It also proposed that the minimum wage should adjust to the rate of inflation annually.

The measure did not appear on the November 2006 ballot in Michigan. It was, however, later approved by the Michigan Legislature.


Small businesses came out strongly against the initiative. The Small Business Association of Michigan "remains unalterable opposed to a mandated minimum wage increase" while the Michigan Grocer's Association stand by that it should be an individual business decision, not mandated by the state.

The Detroit Regional Chamber also issued a statement opposing the increase.[1]

Andy Deloney, director of public affairs for the Michigan Restaurant Association said that the Democrats moved quickly into the petition drive, saying "[It didn't] surprise us that they decided to do something, but certainly it was a shock, when it happened and how it happened."[2]

Legislative Adoption

The legislature adopted Senate Bill 318 at the end of March of 2006.

Jennifer Granholm, Michigan Governor called it a "tremendous victory" for working families, after vowing to raise the minimum wage in her "State of the State" address earlier that year.[3]

Legislative Support

  • State Sen. Irma Clark-Coleman (D-Detroit)
  • State Rep. Marsha Cheeks (D-Detroit)
  • "Minimum wage workers need to work about 66 hours per week to earn the same amount they did in 1968. That's ludicrous."[4]
  • Sen. Burton Leland (D-Detroit)

Supporting arguments

  1. Minimum wage has not been increased in 8 years
  2. Current working levels at minimum wage are below the poverty line
  3. Forty percent of minimum wage workers are the sole breadwinners in their families.[5]

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