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Michigan Constitution
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Michigan Vouchers and Teacher Testing Amendment, Proposal 1 (2000) was on the November 7, 2000 election ballot in Michigan as a initiated constitutional amendment, where it was defeated.

Election Results

Proposal 1 (Vouchers and Teacher Testing Amendment)
Defeatedd No2,767,32069.1%
Yes 1,235,533 30.9%

Official results via: The Michigan Secretary of the State

Text of the proposal

The language that appeared on the ballot:

Initiative Constitutional Amendment

The proposed constitutional amendment would:

1) Eliminate ban on indirect support of students attending nonpublic schools through tuition vouchers, credits, tax benefits, exemptions or deductions, subsidies, grants or loans of public monies or property.

2) Allow students to use tuition vouchers to attend nonpublic schools in districts with a graduation rate under 2/3 in 1998-1999 and districts approving tuition vouchers through school board action or a public vote. Each voucher would be limited to ½ of state average per-pupil public school revenue.

3) Require teacher testing on academic subjects in public schools and in nonpublic schools redeeming tuition vouchers.

4) Adjust minimum per-pupil funding from 1994-1995 to 2000-2001 level.

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