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List of school districts in Michigan

State profile
Number of students: 1,563,516
Number of schools: 3,542
Number of school districts: 867
Graduation rate: 76.24%
Per-pupil spending: $9,531
State school administration
State Superintendent: Michael Flanagan
State Board President: John C. Austin
State Board Members: 8
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School board elections
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School boards and school board elections
List of school districts in Michigan
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Michigan is home to 867 school districts, 3,542 schools and 1,563,516 K-12 students.

Quick facts

State school administrators

Enrollment and academics

The following table displays the top ten Michigan school districts by total student enrollment and per-pupil spending.[2][3]

Student enrollment Per-pupil spending
1.) Detroit 1.) Bois Blanc Pines
2.) Utica 2.) Elm River Township
3.) Plymouth-Canton 3.) Grant Township
4.) Dearborn 4.) Arvon Township
5.) Grand Rapids 5.) Beaver Island
6.) Ann Arbor 6.) Northport
7.) Chippewa Valley 7.) Whitefish Township
8.) San Bernardino City Unified 8.) Blanche Kelso Bruce Academy
9.) Walled Lake 9.) Powell Township
10.) Livonia 10.) Wells Township


The following table displays the ethnic distribution of students in Michigan.[3]

Ethnicity Number of students Percentage
White 1,056,015 69.01%
African American 280,447 18.33%
Hispanic 98,108 6.41%
Asian 44,046 2.88%
Two or More Races 38,237 2.49%
American Indian or Alaska Native 11,612 0.80%
Native Hawaiian 1,422 0.08%

School board elections

Upcoming elections

See also: Michigan school board elections, 2014

In 2014, 22 of the top enrollment school districts in Michigan will hold elections for a total of 67 seats on November 4, 2014.

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