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Mickey Switalski
Michigan Senate District 10
Former member
Term in office began
Term in office ended
January 1, 2011
Political party Democratic
Profession Legislator
Michael "Mickey" Switalski was a Democratic member of the Michigan State Senate from 2003 to January 1, 2011. Due to Michigan term limits, Senator Switalski did not run for re-election in the Michigan State Senate elections of 2010. [1]

Switalski also served two terms in the Michigan House of Representatives from 1998 to 2002. Before entering the State Legislature, Switalski served on the Macomb County Board of Commissioners from 1992 to 1998 and served on the Roseville City Council from 1989 to 1992.

Switalski earned his Bachelor's degree in 1977 and Master's Degree in 1981 from Louisiana State (LSU) and also earned a Master's in Political Literature from University of Aberdeen in Scotland in 1982. Before becoming a state legislator, Switalski was a newspaper publisher and editor along with being the Chief of Personnel and Labor Relations for the Arsenal Tank Plant.

In 2010, Senator Switalski ran for US Congress. [2]

Committee assignments

Switalski served on these committees:

District 10

Switalski represented Michigan Senate District 10. District 10 includes the Northeast Detroit suburbs of Clinton Township, Rosville, and Sterling Heights[4].

Key votes of 2009-2010

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  • Super Speedway, Lawmakers voting on whether TO EXTEND A SPECIAL TAX PERK for a super speedway.
  • Driver Responsibility Fees, Lawmakers voting on whether TO IMPOSE 'driver responsibility fees.'
  • Crony Capitalism, Lawmakers voting on whether TO RESTRICT THE RIGHT of shareholders to sell their own stock.
  • Golf Carts, Lawmakers voting on whether TO SUBSIDIZE the production of electric vehicle batteries.
  • Home Court Disadvantage, Lawmakers voting on whether TO GIVE MORE TAXING POWER to local government in Kalamazoo so it can finance a taxpayer-subsidized sports arena.
  • Mandate Beer Keg Buyer’s Tags, Lawmakers voting on whether TO MANDATE beer keg buyer's tags.
  • Remonumentation of State Border, Lawmakers voting on whether to appropriate funds up to $500,000 for remonumentation of the Michigan-Indiana border.
  • Fire Safe Cigarettes, Lawmakers voting on whether TO BAN the sale of cigarettes that are not "fire safe."
  • Commission on Spanish-Speaking Affairs, Lawmakers voting on whether TO EXPAND DUTIES of and rename government's Commission on Spanish-Speaking Affairs.
  • Balancing Act, Lawmakers voting on a budget to CUT REVENUE SHARING PAYMENTS to local governments as a way to balance the state budget without raising taxes.
  • Balancing Act 2, Lawmakers voting on a cut of less than 3 percent to K-12 school aid payments so as to balance the state budget without tax increases.
  • A Good Tax Gone Bad?, Lawmakers voting on the Michigan Business Tax.
  • It’s From the Children, Lawmakers voting on whether to RAID $90 MILLION from the Michigan Higher Education Student Loan Authority.
  • Don’t Blame Canada, Lawmakers voting on whether TO BAN Canadian trash from Michigan landfills.
  • Left Behind, Lawmakers voting on whether TO FINANCE "No Worker Left Behind" with a 59.9 percent increase in general fund spending in the 2009 DELEG budget.
  • Politically Correct Capitalism, Lawmakers voting on whether to INCREASE SUBSIDIES for plug-in traction battery packs used in electric cars.
  • Politically Correct Capitalism 2, Lawmakers voting on whether to GIVE SUBSIDIES for Michigan film production.
  • Politically Correct Capitalism 3, Lawmakers voting on whether to INCREASE ELECTRIC CAR SUBSIDIES for a subsidiary of a Korean battery company.
  • Grapes of Wrath, Lawmakers voting on whether TO BAN home shipment of beer and wine to Michigan consumers.
  • Subsidize Manufacture of Electric Cars, Lawmakers voting on whether to authorize a refundable Michigan Business Tax credit for makers of plug-in traction battery packs used in electric cars.
  • Authorize Special Tax Breaks for Ethanol Gas Stations, Lawmakers voting on whether to authorize a non-refundable Michigan Business Tax credit equal to 30 percent of the costs incurred by a gas station to convert existing pumps and tanks, or acquire new ones that deliver E85 ethanol or biodiesel fuel.
  • Presidential Privileges, Lawmakers voting on whether to require state workers to either work on President's Day or take the day off as an unpaid holiday.

"Don't ban double dating"

The Michigan Legislature is considering legislation to prohibit young drivers from having more than one non-related passenger in the car. Several years before the November 2010 consideration, the legislature considered a similar law. At that time state Sen. Switalski made a case for fewer restrictions. On the Senate floor on Oct. 6, 2004, Switalski said:

Mr. President, I rise in opposition to House Bill No. 4600. This bill would limit first-year drivers to one unrelated passenger in the car with them. Proponents believe this bill will reduce accidents among young drivers, but we already have addressed this problem with a highly successful graduated driver's license system.
This bill, while well-intentioned, violates the law of diminishing returns. We are greatly restricting the pursuit of happiness for a huge number of people for a theoretical improvement in safety. Are we willing to trade one of our God-given, inalienable rights so cheaply? How can we be so willing to punish all kids and all families so quickly because of a tiny fraction of drivers who behave irresponsibly? We don't take that approach with gun laws in this state, and we are right not to. We don't take everyone's gun rights away because of the criminal activities of a few. Why would we restrict this privilege which is far more widely exercised and cherished?
Are we willing to so callously ban the widespread practice of kids carpooling to school? This bill is so clumsy it would keep two kids from giving a stranded friend a ride home. Any decent person will give that ride anyway, and then we will have made them lawbreakers. Have we forgotten the experiences of our own youth?
Didn't you ever borrow your dad's car to go out for a concert, a game, or a hamburger with your friends? Isn't there a value to the exhilarating thrill of freedom you felt in doing that? Do you want to be responsible for banning that?
Mr. President, I'll never forget a steamy August night in the back seat of a car with Patty Otto on a double date. This bill will make the double date against the law. I refuse to believe this Senate could be that callous and cruel.

The statement must have been persuasive - the Senate defeated the bill, 17 to 21 (names here).

Term limits require Sen. Switalski to depart the Senate at the end of 2010. He did not unseat 14-term U.S. Congressman Sander Levin in the August Democratic primary election.[5]



Switalski was not eligible for re-election due to Michigan's term limits.


On November 07, 2006, Switalski ran for District 10 of the Michigan State Senate, beating John Horton and John Bonnell. [6]

Switalski raised $164,849 for his campaign.[7]

Michigan State Senate, District 10
Candidates Votes
Green check mark transparent.png Michael Switalski (D) 62,737
John Horton (R) 30,067
John Bonnell (L) 2,596

Campaign donors


In 2006 Mickey Switalski collected $164,849 in donations. [8]

His four largest contributors in 2006 were:

Donor Amount
Michigan Auto Workers Region V $10,000
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan $6,000
DTE Energy $3,750
Michigan Health & Hospital Association $3,150


Mickey is married to Roma Heaney. They have one child and reside in Roseville, Michigan.

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