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Mike Ross (Arkansas)

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Mike Ross is a Democrat representing Arkansas’s Fourth Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives.

Voting Record

Frequency of Voting with Democratic Leadership

According to a July 2010 analysis of 1,357 votes cast from January 1, 2009 to June 16, 2010, Mike Ross has voted with the House Democratic leadership 94.5% of the time.[1] That same analysis reported that he also voted with his party's leadership 95.2% of the time in 2010.

Washington Post Analysis

A separate analysis from The Washington Post, reports that Ross also votes with the majority of the Democratic party in the House of Representatives 94.8% of the time.[2]

Specific Votes

Rep. Ross voted for TARP.[3] According to a Gallup poll from September 13, 2010, 61% of Americans disapprove of TARP, while 37% approve.[4]

Rep. Ross also voted for the auto bailout.[5] As of September 13, 2010: 56% of Americans disapproved of the auto bailout, while 43% supported it.[6]

In addition, Rep. Ross voted for the stimulus bill.[7] 57% of U.S. voters believe that the stimulus has either hurt the economy (36%) or had no impact (21%). 38% believe the stimulus helped the economy. [8]

Finally, Rep. Ross supported the "Cash for Clunkers" bill.[9] According to a June 2009 Rasmussen Reports poll, 54% of likely U.S. voters opposed Cash for Clunkers, while 35% supported it.[10]



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