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The Minnesota House Research Department is a non-partisan legislative service agency serving the members and staff of the Minnesota House of Representatives.


The House Research Department was first formed in 1967[1].

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the House Research Department is:

  • To help legislators and committees make informed legislative decisions, by providing information and analysis that is credible, accurate, and useful for legislative decisions.
  • To help legislators and committees develop legislation that carries out their legislative decisions, by providing expert and experienced help in developing and drafting legislation and in evaluating and understanding the effects of legislation.
  • To advise the House on legal matters arising from the conduct of House business. Attorneys in House Research serve as legal counsel to the House as a government agency[2].

Services offered

Committee staffing

The House Research Department provides all legal and research staff for standing committees in the Minnesota Legislature[3] [3].

Legal counsel

Attorneys in the House Research Department are the official legal counsel of the Minnesota House of Representatives. They represent the House in any legal matters allowed by law[4] [3]..

Legislative summaries

Summaries for all enacted and pending legislation are provided by the House Research Department[3].

Research Services

Staff in the House Research Department provides non-partisan research and analysis for Minnesota House members, committees, and staff. Staff handles both short and long term studies, program analysis, and answering questions of public policy[4] [3].

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