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Minnesota elections, 2013

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Minnesota election information for 2013 is listed below.
This page will be updated regularly throughout the year.

Voting absentee

See also: Absentee Voting


There are no eligibility requirements to vote absentee in Minnesota.[1]


There is no specific deadline for applying for an absentee ballot. The ballot must then be returned on or before election day for it to be counted.[2]

Military and overseas voting

For full details, visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program here.

Voting early

See also: Early voting

Minnesota is one of 8 states which allow early voting but require an excuse to vote early. Early voting begins 46 days prior to the election and ends the day before election day.[3] The average number of days prior to an election that voters can cast an early ballot is 21 days in states with a definitive starting date.

To vote early you need to provide an excuse for why you will be unable to vote at the polls during normal voting hours. The following are valid reasons:[3]

  • you will be away from home on election day
  • you are ill or disabled
  • you are an election judge serving in a precinct other than your own
  • unable to go to the polling place due to a religious observance or belief

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