Mississippi Senate Legislative Services

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Mississippi Senate Legislative Services is a non-partisan legislative service bureau that is dedicated to serving the members and staff of the Mississippi Senate.


A full-time Director oversees the day to day operations of the agency. There are five attorneys, three full-time legal secretaries, one part-time legal seceretary, and two part-time proofreaders on staff[1].

Services offered

Bill drafting

Attorneys and proofreaders on the staff of Senate Legislative Services provide all drafting and proofreading of all bills, resolutions, and amendments in the Mississippi Senate[1].

Committee staffing

Senate Legislative Services serves as the official legal staff of all standing committees in the Mississippi Senate. Each attorney is responsible for providing legal advice and support to seven committees in the Senate. Also, Senate Legislative Services is required to staff the Joint Committee on Corrections[1].

Fiscal oversight

Senate legislative services provides all fiscal notes for proposed bills and is responsible for doing performance audits on all state agencies in the Mississippi government[1].

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