Missouri 1998 ballot measures

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Measures that appeared on the Missouri ballot in 1998 were:

  • Missouri Amendment 1 (1998), changing the deadline for submitting initiative petitions from four months prior to the election to six months prior, passed with 57.7%.
  • Missouri Amendment 2 (1998), allowing school board to set operating levy no higher than $2.75 without a vote, passed with 58.8%.
  • Missouri Amendment 5 (1998), directs the state treasurer to prepare a written investment policy for state funds, passed with 75.7%.
  • Missouri Amendment 6 (1998), allowing financing of municipal or joint sewer improvement project by issuance of revenue bonds, passed with 71.2%.
  • Missouri Amendment 7 (1998), authorizing the State to issue bonds to fund distributions by the Missouri Clean Water Commission, passed wiht 64.8%.
  • Missouri Amendment 8 (1998), permitting organizations recognized as charitable or religious under federal law to sponsor raffles and sweepstakes, passed with 61.3%.
  • Missouri Amendment 9 (1998), permitting gambling boats in moats on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, passed wiht 55.5%.
  • Missouri Proposition A (1998), makes it a Class D felony to bait or fight animals, passed 62.6%.