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* [[History of Initiative & Referendum in Missouri]]
* [[History of Initiative & Referendum in Missouri]]
{{2014 ballot measures}}
{{2014 ballot measures}}
[[Category:Missouri 2014 ballot measures]]
[[Category:Missouri 2014 ballot measures]]

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No ballot measures have been certified for the 2014 ballot in the state of Missouri.

Potential measures

Type Title Subject Description
CICA Eminent Domain Restriction Measure Eminent domain Limits use of eminent domain
CICA Supreme Court Justices Elections Amendment State judiciary Requires justices to declare partisanship and run for position
CICA State Income Tax Credit Amendment Taxes Creates tax credit based on amount donated to non-profit schools
CICA Campaign Contributions Cap Amendment Elections and campaigns Caps contributions to those running for office in state
CICA Religious Funding Amendment Religion Repeals ban on using funds for religious causes
CICA Local Taxes on Tobacco Products Amendment Tobacco Allows residents to amend local taxes on tobacco products
CICA Transportation Sales and Use Tax Taxes Implements sales and use tax with revenue going to Missouri Department of Transportation
CICA Teacher Performance Evaluation Amendment Education Implements performance evaluation for teachers, tied to pay, raises, etc.
CISS Commission on Human Rights Initiative LGBT issues Outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation
CISS Minimum Wage Initiative Minimum wage Increases state's minimum wage, provides for adjustments
CISS Lending Charges Limits Initiative Business regulation Sets limits on certain lending charges
CISS Marijuana Legalization Initiative Marijuana Legalizes the production, sale, possession and consumption of marijuana
CISS Loan Interest Rate Limit Initiative Business regulation Limits interest rate on certain types of loans
LRCA Voter I.D. Amendment Elections Requires voters show identification at the polls
LRCA Budget Cuts School Exemption Amendment State budgets Exempts education funding from budget cuts made by the governor

Local ballot measures

See also: Local ballot measure elections in 2014

No local measures have been identified for 2014. Read about local happenings here.

See also