Missouri Life Sciences Research Trust Fund Initiative (2010)

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The Missouri Life Sciences Research Trust Fund Initiative will not be on the November 2010 ballot in Missouri as an initiated constitutional amendment.

The ballot measure was sponsored by Missouri Roundtable for Life, which filed a lawsuit on July 29, 2009 against Robin Carnahan, saying that her office had written an inadequate ballot title for the measure that would "mislead and confuse Missouri voters as to the plain, simple, and clear meaning” of the proposed amendment.[1][2]

The Roundtable's petition was a proposal to change the funding stream for the state's Life Sciences Trust Fund, by directing “the first $200 million disbursed” from the fund to “primary healthcare for low-income Missourians, provided that no such funds shall be expended on abortion services, human cloning, or prohibited human research”.[1]


State Sen. Jim Lembke supported the initiative and said he believed if the initiative is approved it would "clear up some fuzzy areas." Lembke added,"I think the legislature has to have some authority to examine what is being done in life sciences research. But in some ways, the whole question of embryonic stem cell research is becoming moot, because science is moving on to some more successful, alternative medical cures that do not involve such research."[3]

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