Missouri Voter I.D. Amendment (2014)

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A Missouri Voter I.D. Amendment did not make a 2014 election ballot in the state of Missouri as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The measure would have mandated that voters show a government-issued photo identification when voting in a state election. The proposal was sponsored by State Representative Stanley Cox.[1][2]

The formal title of the bill was House Bill 2016.


The following information was obtained from the supporting side of the measure:[1]

  • Stanley Cox, sponsor of the measure, stated, "This is about protecting the sanctity of our vote. It is certainly one of the highest principles that exist in a representative government."


The following information was obtained from the opposing side of the measure:[1]

  • State Representative Brandon Ellington stated, "This is nothing more than a modern-day poll tax. Voting is a right. It’s not a privilege. They’re trying to turn it into a privilege.”

Path to the ballot

See also: Amending the Missouri Constitution

Proposed amendments must be agreed to by a majority of the members of each chamber of the Missouri General Assembly. Legislators penned the ballot language, however it was subsequently struck down by Cole County Circuit Judge Pat Joyce. The legislative session concluded without lawmakers presenting new language.[2]

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