Monrovia City Official Compensation Initiative (2008)

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A City Official Compensation Initiative was considered for placement on the November 4, 2008 ballot in Monrovia, California if the Monrovia Police Officers Association (MPOA) collected enough signatures.[1] Ultimately, the attempt did not go forward.

The measure would have prohibited Monrovia City Council members and the Monrovia City Manager from being paid greater than the average of surrounding cities. Along with billboards at the city limits paid for by the MPOA that say, "You're Approaching Monrovia. Higher Violent Crime. Fewer Officers Patrolling. Thank the City Manager and City Council," the initiative appears to be part of a contract negotiating effort with the city on the part of the MPOA.

The MPOA also filed wording on another initiative, the Monrovia Police Compensation Initiative (2008).

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