Montana Commissioner of Political Practices

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The Montana Commissioner of Political Practices is an agency that is responsible for governing and investigating most of the state's campaign finance disclosure laws.

Mission Statement

To monitor and to enforce, in a fair and impartial manner, campaign practices and campaign finance disclosure, lobbying disclosure, business interest disclosure of statewide and state district candidates, elected state officials, and state department directors, ethical standards of conduct for legislators, public officers, and state employees, and to investigate legitimate complaints that arise concerning any of the foregoing[1].


The Commissioner of Political Practices was first formed in 1975[1].


The agency is led by a single Commissioner of Political Practices. The Commisssioner is nominated by the Governor of Montana contigent upon the advise and consent of the Montana State Senate. The Commissioner serves one six year term and is barred from running for political office until five years after leaving the position[1].

Campaign finance discipline

If someone feels a person or committee violated Montana's campaign finance laws, then the first step is to file a complaint via certified mail to the Commissioner of Political Practices[2]. Upon receipt of complaint, all campaigns involved with a question are served notice of the complaint and the commissioner conducts an investigation. The Commissioner is responsible adjudicating all discipline within the statutory authority[2]. All other matters that are not in the jurisdiction of the Commissioner is referred to the County Attorney in the county the alleged offense occurred[2].

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