Montana Initiative Language Question (2012)

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The Montana Initiative Language Question did not get placed on the 2012 ballot in the state of Montana as a legislatively-referred state statute. The measure's purpose was to clear up confusion about proposed initiatives' ballot language to better explain what a 'yes' and 'no' vote meant on the issue. The measure was introduced by State Representative Joanne Blyton on January 21, 2011.[1]

Text of measure

Bill summary

The bill summary, according to the Montana Legislature, the bill summary of the measure read as follows:[1]

"An act revising the laws relating to initiatives and referenda; requiring statements on petitions for initiatives and referenda and on the ballot that clearly indicate that a "yes" vote supports a ballot issue and that a "no" vote opposes a ballot issue; requiring a single statement of implication and ballot box lines; and amending sections 13-27-202, 13-27-204, 13-27-205, 13-27-206, 13-27-207, 13-27-312, 13-27-315, and 13-27-501, MCA."

Path to the ballot

The Montana Legislature adjourned without the measure being sent to the ballot.