More than a week later, 3 Arizona measures are toss ups

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November 12, 2010

PHOENIX, Arizona: Ten days after the general election was held, there are still three Arizona statewide ballot measures that are too close to call as votes are continuously being counted. The three measures in which results are still not known are as follows:

  • Proposition 110, which will authorize the exchange of state trust lands in order to protect military installations.
  • Proposition 112, which will change the current petition drive deadline to be two months earlier than the current deadline.
  • Proposition 203, perhaps the most notable of the three measures, would allow residents in the state with specific medical conditions to be treated with certain amounts of marijuana for personal use.[1]

According to Andrew Myers, spokesman for Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project, the campaign in favor of Prop 203, “People support the idea of medical marijuana, they were reacting to issues raised by the opponents." However, the close results with much more ballots to count leaves Myers optimistic, "It’s an encouraging sign."

One of the most notable opponents of the marijuana measure was Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer, who argued, "Almost all marijuana recommendations come from a few doctors (who) for, say, $150, will prescribe pot to nearly anyone." She also claimed that although people would benefit from the medicine, that "compassion will quickly turn to capitalism."[2]

Results for the three measures will be constantly updated via the Arizona Secretary of State's website.

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