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* [http://ncsl.typepad.com/the_thicket/ The Thicket], the blog of the NCSL.
* [http://ncsl.typepad.com/the_thicket/ The Thicket], the blog of the NCSL.
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[[Category:National political organizations]]

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The National Conference of State Legislatures, or NCSL, is a body established in 1975 to serve the members of the various state legislatures in the United States.

As an organization representing state legislators, the NCSL maintains an uneasy relationship with the ballot initiative process. When citizens collect signatures to place initiatives on the ballot, it is generally because those citizens believe that their state legislature (and by extension, the individual members of that state legislature) have failed to legislate in accord with the preferences of the voters of the state.

The NCSL has been a leading advocate of measures that make it more difficult for citizens to qualify initiatives for ballot placement.

NCSL maintains two offices: one in Denver, Colorado, and the other in Washington, D.C.


NCSL reports total income in 2005 of $2,857,000.[1] The NCSL Foundation reports total income of $2,4 million in 2004.[2] The NCSL did not report its donors on its federal income tax return in either 2004 or 2005. How the NCSL is funded is not known; it does not provide information about its sources of funding on its website.[3]


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