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National Republican Congressional Committee
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Chairman:Greg Walden
Year created:1866
Website:Official website
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The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is a national political organization. The committee focuses on building and maintaining a Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.[1]

The committee was founded in 1866.[1] According to the NRCC website, the committee:

."..supports the election of Republicans to the House through direct financial contributions to candidates and Republican Party organizations; technical and research assistance to Republican candidates and Party organizations; voter registration, education and turnout programs; and other Party-building activities."[1]


The NRCC is governed by its chairman, Rep. Greg Walden (OR-2), and an executive committee elected by Republican members of the U.S. House. The committee's daily operations are overseen by its executive director, Liesl Hickey.[2]

2014 elections


The NRCC circulated a petition directed at House Democrats to reaffirm their commitment to the Affordable Care Act. The controversial act is expected to impact the 2014 mid-term elections. The petition was meant to draw negative attention to the Democrats that voted for and continue to support the act. It reads, "I have been a strong and consistent supporter of ObamaCare," the petition begins. "The law may be incredibly unpopular as people in my district are kicked off their health care plans and watch as their premiums and costs skyrocket, but I still support this law — and commit that I will continue to support it through Election Day."[3]

Patriot Program

The Patriot Program is designed to help raise money and assist vulnerable incumbents that are seeking re-election. As of May 2015, 17 members have been included in the program.[4]

The following table displays the current members of the Patriot Program.

National Republican Congressional Committee Patriot Program
District Incumbent
Michigan's 1st District Dan Benishek
Colorado's 6th District Mike Coffman
Illinois' 13th District Rodney Davis
California's 10th District Jeff Denham
Pennsylvania's 8th District Michael G. Fitzpatrick
New York's 19th District Chris Gibson
New York's 11th District Mike Grimm
Nevada's 3rd District Joe Heck
Ohio's 6th District Bill Johnson
Florida's 13th District David Jolly
Ohio's 14th District David Joyce
New York's 23rd District Tom Reed
Virginia's 2nd District Scott Rigell
Florida's 2nd District Steve Southerland II
California's 21st District David G. Valadao
Michigan's 7th District Tim Walberg
Indiana's 2nd District Jackie Walorski

NRCC targets

The following Democratic incumbents have been targeted by the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) in 2014.

National Republican Congressional Committee, Targeted incumbents
District Targeted incumbent November 4 Results
Arizona's 1st District Ann Kirkpatrick Pending
Arizona's 2nd District Ron Barber Pending
Georgia's 12th District John Barrow Pending
Minnesota's 7th District Collin Peterson Pending
North Carolina's 7th District Mike McIntyre Pending
Utah's 4th District Jim Matheson Pending
West Virginia's 3rd District Nick Rahall Pending

Support for gay candidates

Rep. Randy Forbes (VA-04) urged the NRCC to not support gay candidates in the 2014 election. This is particularly important as the GOP has two strong openly-gay candidates running for Democratic controlled seats in 2014: Richard Tisei (MA-06) and Carl DeMaio (CA-52). When asked if his party should support gay candidates, House Speaker John Boehner responded by saying simply "I do."[5]

GOP seminars on addressing women voters

The NRCC held seminars in 2013 to help GOP aides and candidates learn how to talk to women voters and avoid gaffes like Todd Akin's 2012 comment on "legitimate rape." According one aide, the seminars taught appropriate "messaging against women opponents." Boehner has also commented on the need for these seminars and the need for the GOP to appeal more to women voters. He said, "Some of our members just aren’t as sensitive as they ought to be." He added, "when you look around the Congress, there are a lot more females in the Democrat caucus than there are in the Republican caucus."[6]

NRCC chairman Greg Walden said, "You need to be very careful in how you approach any group and what you say. That’s just Politics 101." He also said, "We may have more women challengers now than we did in the last cycle. … We’ve got some great women candidates and it’s been a focus of ours too."[6]

Project GROW

In July 2013, the NRCC started Project GROW, which stands for Growing Republican Opportunities for Women. According to their website, "This program is designed to promote the role of women within our party while encouraging more women to become an intricate voice in our American Democracy." The program includes ."..recruitment, messaging, polling, training for candidates, localized field events, fundraising, strong digital presence and harnessing the power of data to increase female voter participation."[7]

Nick Rahall

See also: West Virginia's 3rd Congressional District elections, 2014

In September 2013, the NRCC issued a press release in response to Rahall, one of the organization's main targets in 2014, mistaking an umbrella for a lump of coal during a press conference. The press release stated:

"But Barack Obama, the EPA, and Nick Rahall aren’t waging a war on umbrellas – they are waging a war on coal. And yesterday, Bloomberg reported a new front opening in that war – the EPA is set to issue a rule that will completely halt the development of new coal-fueled plants by requiring they meet unachievable carbon standards."[8]

Rahall, Peters and Shea-Porter

The NRCC launched an ad buy on December 10, 2013, focused on President Barack Obama’s “broken promise” that people could keep their old insurance plans under the new health law, and target vulnerable Democratic incumbents.[9]

The ads targeted Nick Rahall, Scott Peters and Carol Shea-Porter, and cost $15,000 to air the ad against Rahall, $17,000 for the Peters spot, and $20,000 for the ad against Shea-Porter.[9]

“Think Barack Obama and Nick Rahall are different? Listen to this,” a narrator said at the outset of the ad targeting Rahall.[9] It then cuts to audio of Rahall saying: “Those who like what they have today…they’ll be able to keep.”[9]


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee gained an early fundraising advantage in the first quarter of 2013. It outraised the NRCC $22.6 million to $17.5 million. Party strategists attribute the edge to Democrats' advantage in Internet fundraising and small-dollar donations. Additionally, vulnerable Democratic incumbents are leading their endangered Republican counterparts in a majority of races.[10]

December 2013

As of December 2, 2013, the NRCC reported raising $52,404,530 and spending $35,697,047, leaving it with $18,242,094 cash on hand.[11] Comparatively, the DCCC reported raising $65,202,181 and spending $41,423,695, leaving it with $25,266,707 cash on hand.[12]

September 2013

The DCCC raised $8.4 million in September compared to the $5.3 million the NRCC raised during the same period. This brought the total raised for 2013 through the third quarter, to $58.2 million for the DCCC compared to the NRCC's $42.6 million. As for cash on hand, the DCCC still had an edge: $21.6 million to NRCC's $15.7 million.[13]

August 2013

According to an Open Secrets report on FEC filings released on August 13, 2013, the DCCC had raised $40.8 million to the NRCC's $34.3 million.[14]'

July 2013

As of July 2013, the DCCC had outraised the NRCC by $6.5 million.[15]

Paul Ryan

Rep. Paul Ryan scheduled 20 fundraising events between July 2013 and December 2013. As of July, he had already donated $150,000 to the NRCC from his re-election committee.[16]

2012 elections

According to the Sunlight Foundation, the NRCC spent $64,653,292 on the 2012 elections. Of those funds, 31.88 percent achieved the desired result, based on Sunlight Foundation analysis.[17]

Patriot Program

The NRCC's Patriot Program highlighted incumbent House Republicans in an effort to increase their majority in 2012. The following races and candidates were sponsored by the program.[18]

  • Successful (Republican won): 18/33 (54.5%)
  • Unsuccessful (Democrat won): 15/33 (45.5%)
National Republican Congressional Committee Patriot Program
District Endorsed Candidate November 6 Results
Arkansas's 1st District Rick Crawford Green check mark transparent.png
California's 7th District Dan Lungren Defeatedd
California's 10th District Jeff Denham Green check mark transparent.png
California's 31st District Gary Miller Green check mark transparent.png
California's 52nd District Brian Bilbray Defeatedd
Colorado's 3rd District Scott Tipton Green check mark transparent.png
Colorado's 6th District Mike Coffman Green check mark transparent.png
Florida's 18th District Allen West Defeatedd
Illinois' 8th District Joe Walsh Defeatedd
Illinois' 10th District Robert J. Dold Defeatedd
Illinois' 11th District Judy Biggert Defeatedd
Illinois' 17th District Bobby Schilling Defeatedd
Iowa's 3rd District Tom Latham Green check mark transparent.png
Maryland's 6th District Roscoe Bartlett Defeatedd
Michigan's 1st District Dan Benishek Green check mark transparent.png
Minnesota's 8th District Chip Cravaack Defeatedd
Nevada's 3rd District Joe Heck Green check mark transparent.png
New Hampshire's 1st District Frank Guinta Defeatedd
New Hampshire's 2nd District Charlie Bass Defeatedd
New Jersey's 3rd District Jon Runyan Green check mark transparent.png
New York's 11th District Michael Grimm Green check mark transparent.png
New York's 18th District Nan Hayworth Defeatedd
New York's 19th District Chris Gibson Green check mark transparent.png
New York's 24th District Ann Marie Buerkle Defeatedd
Ohio's 6th District Bill Johnson Defeatedd
Ohio's 7th District Bob Gibbs Green check mark transparent.png
Ohio's 16th District Jim Renacci Green check mark transparent.png
Pennsylvania's 7th District Pat Meehan Green check mark transparent.png
Pennsylvania's 8th District Michael G. Fitzpatrick Green check mark transparent.png
Texas' 23rd District Francisco Canseco Defeatedd
Virginia's 2nd District Scott Rigell Green check mark transparent.png
Wisconsin's 7th District Sean Duffy Green check mark transparent.png
Wisconsin's 8th District Reid Ribble Green check mark transparent.png

Young Guns

The NRCC's Young Gun program highlighted Republican challengers running for the U.S. House in 2012. These candidates represented the GOP's best chances to pick up seats in the general election.[19]

  • Successful (Republican won): 13/42(31.0%)
  • Unsuccessful (Democrat won): 29/42 (69.0%)
National Republican Congressional Committee Young Guns
District Endorsed Candidate November 6 Results
Arizona's 1st District Jonathan Paton Defeatedd
Arizona's 2nd District Martha McSally Defeatedd
Arizona's 9th District Vernon Parker Defeatedd
California's 3rd District Kim Dolbow Vann Defeatedd
California's 9th District Ricky Gill Defeatedd
California's 21st District David Valadao Green check mark transparent.png
California's 24th District Abel Maldonado Defeatedd
California's 26th District Tony Strickland Defeatedd
California's 41st District John Tavaglione Defeatedd
California's 47th District Gary DeLong Defeatedd
Colorado's 7th District Joe Coors, Jr. Defeatedd
Connecticut's 4th District Steve Obsitnik Defeatedd
Connecticut's 5th District Andrew Roraback Defeatedd
Florida's 22nd District Adam Hasner Defeatedd
Georgia's 12th District Lee Anderson Defeatedd
Illinois' 12th District Jason Plummer Defeatedd
Illinois' 13th District Rodney Davis Green check mark transparent.png
Indiana's 2nd District Jackie Walorski Green check mark transparent.png
Iowa's 1st District Ben Lange Defeatedd
Iowa's 2nd District John Archer Defeatedd
Kentucky's 6th District Andy Barr Green check mark transparent.png
Maine's 2nd District Kevin Raye Defeatedd
Massachusetts' 6th District Richard Tisei Defeatedd
Michigan's 11th District Kerry Bentivolio Green check mark transparent.png
Nevada's 4th District Danny Tarkanian Defeatedd
New York's 1st District Randy Altschuler Defeatedd
New York's 21st District Matt Doheny Defeatedd
New York's 25th District Maggie Brooks Defeatedd
New York's 27th District Chris Collins Green check mark transparent.png
North Carolina's 7th District David Rouzer Defeatedd
North Carolina's 8th District Richard Hudson Green check mark transparent.png
North Carolina's 11th District Mark Meadows Green check mark transparent.png
North Dakota's at-large District Kevin Cramer Green check mark transparent.png
Ohio's 14th District David Joyce Green check mark transparent.png
Oklahoma's 2nd District Markwayne Mullin Green check mark transparent.png
Pennsylvania's 12th District Keith Rothfus Green check mark transparent.png
Rhode Island's 1st District Brendan Doherty Defeatedd
Texas' 14th District Randy Weber Green check mark transparent.png
Utah's 4th District Mia Love Defeatedd
Washington's 1st District John Koster Defeatedd
Washington's 6th District Bill Driscoll Defeatedd
West Virginia's 3rd District Rick Snuffer Defeatedd


In October 2012, the NRCC launched 16 new ads for a total spending of more than $6 million. The purchases were in the following districts:[20]


In July, the NRCC reported it had raised $86,668,087 and spent $55,447,766, leaving $33,758,622 cash on hand.[21]


The NRCC spent $66,599,922 on independent expenditures supporting Republican candidates or opposing Democratic ones.[22]

Top 10 largest NRCC expenditures in 2012[23]
Candidate Party State Office Total For Against Desired Result
Jerry McNerney Democratic Party CA House $2,456,270 $0 $2,456,270
Scott Peters Democratic Party CA House $2,431,176 $0 $2,431,176
Ami Bera Democratic Party CA House $2,426,553 $0 $2,426,553
Mark Critz Democratic Party PA House $2,377,808 $0 $2,377,808
Ann Kirkpatrick Democratic Party AZ House $2,354,794 $0 $2,354,794
Cheri Bustos Democratic Party IL House $2,149,384 $0 $2,149,384
Joe Miklosi Democratic Party CO House $2,136,084 $0 $2,136,084
Rick Nolan Democratic Party MN House $2,000,740 $0 $2,000,740
Bill Foster Democratic Party IL House $1,999,553 $0 $1,999,553
Ann Kuster Democratic Party NH House $1,798,267 $0 $1,798,267


The top 5 donors to the NRCC in the 2012 election cycle were:[24]

Top 5 Donors to NRCC, 2012[24]
Donor Total
Friends of John Boehner $11,951,236
Friends of Jeb Hensarling $1,512,000
Kevin Mccarthy for Congress $1,175,277
Dave Camp for Congress 2006 $791,190
Roskam For Congress $772,400


The top 5 industries that donated to the NRCC during the 2012 election cycle were:[25]

Top 5 Donors to NRCC, 2012[25]
Industry Total
Candidate Committees $39,126,239
Securities & Investment $9,897,148
Retired $6,245,377
Real Estate $3,645,683
Misc Finance $2,819,198

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