Nebraska 2000 ballot measures

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This is a historical listing of all ballot measures that appeared on the Nebraska ballot in 2000.

2000 Election Results

Type Title Subject Description Outcome
LR Nebraska Amendment 1 (2000) Elections A constitutional amendment to change the method of nominating and electing the Lieutenant Governor Approved
LR Nebraska Amendment 2 (2000) Constitutional Language A constitutional amendment to state that the language in the Constitution shall be construed to be gender neutral and to direct the Secretary of State to revise and reprint the Constitution to implement such construction Defeated
LR Nebraska Amendment 3A (2000) Elections A constitutional amendment to change election procedures for constitutional amendments to require two separate votes by the electorate Defeated
LR Nebraska Amendment 3B (2000) Initiatives A constitutional amendment to identify the powers of initiative and referendum and to remove obsolete language Approved
LR Nebraska Amendment 3C (2000) Initiatives A constitutional amendment to change filing requirements for initiative petitions Defeated
LR Nebraska Amendment 4 (2000) Judiciary A constitutional amendment to change the effective date of compensation changes made by the Legislature for the judiciary to allow the changes to take effect for all judges at the beginning of the full term of any judge of any court in the state Approved
LR Nebraska Amendment 5 (2000) State Legislatures A constitutional amendment to require the resignation of members of the Legislature elected to other state or local offices except as otherwise provided by law Approved
CI Nebraska Initiative 415 (2000) Term Limits Limit legislators to no more than two consecutive terms Approved
CI Nebraska Initiative 416 (2000) Marriage Provide that only marriage between a man and a woman shall be valid or recognized in Nebraska Approved

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