Nebraska Term Limits, Initiated Measure 408 (1994)

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Initiated Measure 408 in 1994 in Nebraska was an initiated constitutional amendment that passed with 67.7% of the vote. It limited the terms of state legislators and statewide officials to two consecutive terms, as well as those of certain local officials, U.S. Representatives to three consecutive terms, and U.S. Senators to two consecutive terms.

It was the second of three term limits amendments to appear on the Nebraska ballot, all of which were approved.

The question on the ballot said, "A vote FOR will create a constitutional limit on the number of consecutive terms in office for various elected state and local officials, and will prohibit Nebraska's Representatives in Congress and the U.S. Senate from being listed on the ballot after serving a specified number of consecutive terms."

In 1996, the Nebraska Supreme Court, in the second Duggan v. Beerman case, invalidated the initiative.

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