Nevada 2000 ballot measures

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This table shows all initiatives and referenda that made the ballot in Nevada for 2000. In the tables below, "CICA" stands for citizen-initiated constitutional amendment, "CSS" for a citizen-initiated state statute, "CR" for a citizen referendum, and "LR" for a legislative referral.

For information on other citizen initiatives that attempted but failed to make the ballot, see Nevada 2000 citizen initiatives.

Key facts

  • With two initiatives on the 2000 ballot, the historical total of Nevada citizen initiatives increased to 39. Both citizen inituatives on the 2000 ballot passed.

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Year Type Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Status
2000 LR Question 1 Investment of government funds Would enable the Legislature to authorize the prudently managed investment of State money in companies not classified as educational or charitable, subject to certain conditions Failed
2000 CICA Question 2 Definition of marriage Would add language to the state constitution noting that "Only a marriage between a male and female person shall be recognized and given effect in this state" Passed
2000 CICA Question 9 Medical marijuana Would allow use of marijuana, upon the advice of a physician, for certain medical conditions Passed

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