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AttyGenLogo.jpg Attorney General news headlines
The Nevada Attorney General election of 2010 was held on November 2, 2010. Incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Masto successfully defended her position against Republican challenger Travis Barrick and Independent American Party candidate Joel F. Hansen.

Race tracking

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Both Ballotpedia and Governing magazine predicted a Democratic victory.

2010 Race Rankings for Nevada Attorney General
Race Tracker Race Rating
Ballotpedia Likely Democrat
Governing [1] Leans Democrat
Overall Call Likely Democrat

General Election


Republican Party Republican Party - Las Vegas attorney Travis Barrick
Democratic Party Democratic Party - Incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto
Constitution_Party#Independent_American_Party_of_Nevada Independent American Party (Constitution Party) - Joel F. Hansen

General election results

2010 Race for Attorney General - General Election [2]
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Democratic Party Approveda Catherine Cortez Masto 52.8%
     Republican Party Travis Barrick 35.7%
     Independent American Party Joel F. Hansen 7.8%
     None of these candidates 3.7%
Total Votes 704,332


Travis Barrick

  • Can-Do Conservatives of America [3]

Catherine Cortez Masto

  • Communications Workers of America (CWA) [4]
  • Las Vegas Police Protective Association (LVPPA) [5]
  • Nevada Department of Public Safety Association
  • Nevada State AFL-CIO [6]
  • Nevada State Education Association (NSEA) [7][8]
  • North Las Vegas Police Officers Association (NLVPOA) [9]
  • Southern Nevada Conference of Police and Sheriffs (SNCOPS) [5]


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Mason-Dixon poll

Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, Inc., an independent polling firm and the nation's most active state polling organization, surveyed 625 registered voters from across Nevada between August 23 and 25, 2010. The polling data shows that Masto maintains a comfortable seventeen percentage point advantage over her Republican challenger, the largely unknown Travis Barrick. At the same time, however, she fails to crack the highly-coveted fifty percent mark, something that serves as a warning sign for incumbent politicians.

Mason-Dixon Poll - August 23 – 25, 2010 [10]
Candidates Percentage
Green check mark.jpg Catherine Cortez Masto (D) 39%
Travis Barrick (D) 22%
Another party candidate 5%
None of these candidates 16%
Undecided 18%
Total voters 625

June 8, 2010 primaries

See also: Nevada gubernatorial election, 2010; Nevada Secretary of State election, 2010

Donkey symbol.png Democratic primary


Electoral results


According to the Nevada Secretary of State, as of July 13, 2010, here is the breakdown of campaign finances for each of the candidates:

Catherine Cortez Masto Campaign Finance Reports
Report Date Filed Beginning Balance Contributions In-Kind [11] Other Sources Expenditures Cash on Hand
January 1 - May 27, 2010 [12] June 1, 2010 $0.00 $166,672.00 $10,996.17 $0.00 $78,086.85 $88,585.15

Gop logo2.jpg Republican primary


Electoral results

2010 Race for Attorney General - Republican Primary [14]
Party Candidate Vote Percentage
     Republican Party Approveda Travis Barrick 44.4%
     Republican Party Jacob Hafter 34.2%
     None of these candidates 21.4%
Total Votes 157,121


Jacob Hafter

  • Clark County Conservative Grassroots Coalition [15]


According to the Nevada Secretary of State, as of July 13, 2010, here is the breakdown of campaign finances for each of the candidates:

Travis Barrick Campaign Finance Reports
Report Date Filed Beginning Balance Contributions In-Kind [11] Other Sources Expenditures Cash on Hand
January 1 - May 27, 2010 [16] May 29, 2010 $0.00 $1,400.00 $0.00 $0.00 $7,331.84 ($5,931.84)
Jacob Hafter Campaign Finance Reports
Report Date Filed Beginning Balance Contributions In-Kind [11] Other Sources Expenditures Cash on Hand
January 1 - May 27, 2010 [17] June 1, 2010 $0.00 $60,250.00 $1,632.00 $0.00 $39,690.99 $20,559.01



The re-election campaign of Nevada Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto began running a television advertisement on Thursday, October 14th, pointing "out her Republican opponent spent 45 days in jail for misdemeanor trespassing and resisting arrest at an abortion clinic." [18] The commercial contended that Barrick served time for "harassing women" with no mention of the circumstances regarding his arrest. In response to the ad, Barrick stated that he does not regret the fact that he and six other "anti-abortion protesters [were] arrested in July 1989 for blockading the clinic in La Mesa, California." [19]

Lt. Governor fundraiser

In late-November 2009, Masto came under fire for reportedly playing politics with her state governmental office. Her husband, Paul Masto, a special agent in the United States Secret Service, hosted "a $1,000 per person fundraiser for a Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor – just four days before the Attorney General was scheduled to begin prosecuting the sitting Lt. Governor for following the advice of the Attorney General’s office." Although she eventually cancelled the event, about a week later another invitation with the "same location and time, same invitation format and font, same colors, even the same photo and quote from" Robert Randozzo, Masto's choice for Lieutenant Governor. [20] The only differences were the date of the event and the quote from her husband, which was replaced with one from of the Attorney General's major donors.

Party affiliation

Republican primary candidate Jacob Hafter admitted that he had only just joined the Republican Party on December 14, 2009, the day he registered in Clark County to launch his campaign for Nevada Attorney General. Prior to this, he had registered as a Democrat in 2005 when he resided in Washoe County.

Travis Barrick, his opponent in the June 8th primary, refused to make the matter an issue in the campaign, though he noted that he himself had been a registered Republican since 1955. He welcomed Hafter warmly into the Republican Party, stating, "I hope he sticks around. He has said he has evolved to being a Republican. I hope if he is elected that he won't evolve back to be a Democrat." [21]

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