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[[Category:Offices of the American state controllers]]
[[Category:Offices of the American state controllers]]
[[Category:Nevada state executive offices]]
[[Category:Nevada state executive offices]]
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Nevada State Executives
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Secretary of StateAttorney General
Superintendent of Public Instruction

Agriculture Director
Insurance Commissioner
Director of Conservation and Natural Resources
Labor Commissioner
Public Utilities Commission
Employment, Training and Rehabilitation
The Controller of the State of Nevada is the chief fiscal officer of the government of Nevada. The Controller is elected to a four-year term.

Current officeholder

The current state controller is Kim Wallin (D). She was first elected in 2006 and is serving in her second term.


The state Constitution addresses the office of the controller in Article V, the Executive Department.

Under Article V, Section 19:

A Secretary of State, a Treasurer, a Controller, and an Attorney General, shall be elected at the same time and places, and in the same manner as the Governor.


There are no specific qualifications for this office.


The Controller of Nevada is a publicly elected official who serves a term of four years in length. As specified in Article V, Section 19 of the Nevada State Constitution, a term-limit of two four year terms is imposed on those who occupy this statewide position.


The controller's main duties include conducting the final audit and settling of all claims against the state, they also must ensure compliance with the intent of the constitution, federal laws and state statutes in this regard. The Controller is also responsible for computing, withholding and accounting all state payroll deductions and also overseeing all records in connection with administration and compliance with federal revenue and income tax laws.


There are four main divisions within the office of controller:[1]

  • Operations
  • Financial reporting
  • Information technology
  • Debt collection


See also: Compensation of state executive officers


In 2012, the controller was paid an estimated $97,000. This figure comes from the Council of State Governments.


In 2010, the Nevada Controller was paid an estimated $97,000 according to the Council of State Governments.[2]

Contact Information

Main Office
State Controller's Office
Nevada State Capitol
101 N Carson St. Suite 5
Carson City NV 89701-4786

Phone:(775)684-5750 Fax:(775)684-5695

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