Nevada Voter Identification Amendment (2010)

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Nevada Voter Identification Amendment did not appear on the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot in Nevada as an initiated constitutional amendment.

Ballot summary

Petition text

According to the filed petition "description of effect":[1]

This initiative would change Nevada law by requiring a voter to present a government-issued photo-identification card at the polls in order to vote. Provisional voting will be allowed for eligible voters who failed to present government-issued photo-identification. Provisional ballots and mail-in ballots will be deemed invalid unless the accompanying envelope is marked with the last four digits of a citizen's Nevada driver's license, state identification card, or social security number.

Path to the ballot

In order to qualify the measure for the November 2010 ballot supporters were required to collect a minimum of 97,002 valid signatures by June 15, 2010. County clerks would then have had to verify and submit the signatures to the secretary of state by no later than August 4, 2010.[2]

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