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NH Republicans propose ammendments to alter structure of state courts

Concord, NH New Hampshire Republican legislators have introduced new constitutional amendments designed to restrict the power of the state judiciary by raising the minimum judicial age and granting the legislature the power to dissolve the New Hampshire Supreme Court and subsidiary courts. The bill, proposed by Rep. Joshua Davenport (R-Newmarket) would require a super-majority in both houses to pass congress and must then be approved by the voters of the state. Davenport's bill essentially advocates the repeal of a 1966 amendment that made the courts separate constitutional entities and a separate division. Davenport commented on the court system, telling the press, "Structurally I don't think it was formed well. Over time it has gotten progressively worse. It is attempting to usurp the power of the legislative branch." The proposed amendment comes on the tails of numerous fights between the legislature and the courts, though Davenport argues his bill is unrelated. Democrats in the congress oppose the bill. Democratic spokeswoman Harrell Kirstein told the press "Just like the U.S. Constitution, the New Hampshire Constitution created three equal branches of government, yet irresponsible Republicans in Concord continually attempt to violate the separation of powers. In what world do they believe that will create jobs? House Republicans need to stop wasting taxpayer time and money with reckless bills that force their out of touch Tea Party ideology on New Hampshire."[1]

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  1. Huffington Post, "New Hampshire Lawmakers Propose Increased Control Over Courts, Raising Minimum Judicial Age To 60" 12/22/2011