New Hampshire Line-Item Veto Authority Amendment (2012)

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The New Hampshire Line-Item Veto Authority Amendment did not make the November 2012 ballot in New Hampshire as a legislatively-referred constitutional amendment. The proposed measure, filed as CACR 5, would authorize the governor to use line item reduction power of items in any bill making appropriations of money. Spending items vetoed by the governor would be returned to the legislature for consideration. If the veto isn't overridden by the legislature then the veto would go into effect.[1]

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See also: Amending the New Hampshire constitution

In order for the state legislature to place a proposed constitutional amendment on the statewide ballot, both chambers of the state legislature must approve doing so by a vote in each house of at least 60%. Once any such constitutional amendment is on the ballot, the state's voters must approve it by a 2/3 vote for it to pass.

On March 24, 2011 the New Hampshire State Senate voted 19-5 in favor of the proposed amendment.[2] The bill remains pending in the House.

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