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'''New Jersey Counties'''<br>
'''New Jersey Counties'''<br>
[[Sunshinereview:Atlantic County, New Jersey|Atlantic]] • [[Sunshinereview:Bergen County, New Jersey|Bergen]] •
[[Atlantic County, New Jersey ballot measures|Atlantic]] • [[Bergen County, New Jersey ballot measures|Bergen]] • [[Burlington County, New Jersey ballot measures|Burlington]] • [[Camden County, New Jersey ballot measures|Camden]] • [[Cape May County, New Jersey ballot measures|Cape May]] • [[Cumberland County, New Jersey ballot measures|Cumberland]] • [[Essex County, New Jersey ballot measures|Essex]] • [[Gloucester County, New Jersey ballot measures|Gloucester]] • [[Hudson County, New Jersey ballot measures|Hudson]] • [[Hunterdon County, New Jersey ballot measures|Hunterdon]] • [[Mercer County, New Jersey ballot measures|Mercer]] • [[Middlesex County, New Jersey ballot measures|Middlesex]] • [[Monmouth County, New Jersey ballot measures|Monmouth]] • [[Morris County, New Jersey ballot measures|Morris]] • [[Ocean County, New Jersey ballot measures|Ocean]] • [[Passaic County, New Jersey ballot measures|Passaic]] • [[Salem County, New Jersey ballot measures|Salem]] • [[Somerset County, New Jersey ballot measures|Somerset]] • [[Sussex County, New Jersey ballot measures|Sussex]] • [[Union County, New Jersey ballot measures|Union]] • [[Warren County, New Jersey ballot measures|Warren]]
[[Sunshinereview:Burlington County, New Jersey|Burlington]] • [[Sunshinereview:Camden County, New Jersey|Camden]] •
[[Sunshinereview:Cape May County, New Jersey|cape May]] • [[Sunshinereview:Cumberland County, New Jersey|Cumberland]] •
[[Sunshinereview:Essex County, New Jersey|Essex]] • [[Sunshinereview:Gloucester County, New Jersey|Gloucester]] •
[[Sunshinereview:Hudson County, New Jersey|Hudson]] • [[Sunshinereview:Hunterdon County, New Jersey|Hunterdon]] •
[[Sunshinereview:Mercer County, New Jersey|Mercer]] • [[Sunshinereview:Middlesex County, New Jersey|Middlesex]] •
[[Sunshinereview:Monmouth County, New Jersey|Monmouth]] • [[Sunshinereview:Morris County, New Jersey|Morris]] •
[[Sunshinereview:Ocean County, New Jersey|Ocean]] • [[Sunshinereview:Passaic County, New Jersey|Passaic]] •
[[Sunshinereview:Salem County, New Jersey|Salem]] • [[Sunshinereview:Somerset County, New Jersey|Somerset]] •
[[Sunshinereview:Sussex County, New Jersey|Sussex]] • [[Sunshinereview:Union County, New Jersey|Union]] •
[[Sunshinereview:Warren County, New Jersey|Warren]] •'''[[Sunshinereview:New Jersey counties|All New Jersey counties...]]'''

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Gay marriage may come to New Jersey, without the ballot

Same-sex marriage proponents may see a law passed before Christmas that would see the legalization of gay marriage during a “lame duck session” this month. This means voters in New Jersey will not be able to vote on the issue. According to reports, 31 states have seen the same-sex question appear on the ballot, with all 31 states voting the issue down.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will be watched with interest because the 13 member panel is a major obstacle for the bill to pass.[1]

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  1. Baptist Press, "'Gay marriage,' legal in N.J. by Christmas?," December 4, 2009