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New Jersey decides on new congressional map

TRENTON, New Jersey: New Jersey's redistricting panel has decided on new boundaries for the state's congressional districts. The bipartisan committee selected a map that is seen as favorable to Republicans.[1]

Following the results of the 2010 Census, New Jersey lost one of its 13 congressional seats due to low population growth.[1] A committee of six Democrats and six Republicans, along with an independent tie-breaker, were charged with coming up with a new map.[2] The tie-breaker, Rutgers University Dean John Farmer Jr., had hoped for a consensus but wound up casting the tie-breaking vote in favor of the long-awaited map.[1]

The new boundaries make it likely the GOP will keep its six House seats. It has also shored up the territories of two Republicans and one Democrat.[1]

A major re-election battle may come in New Jersey's north, where Republican Scott Garrett of the previous 5th District and Democrat Steve Rothman of the previous 9th may now face-off in one newly drawn district. Garrett holds a slight advantage among current registered voters.[1]

Democrats could choose to challenge the new map in court.[1]

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