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[[Category:New Jersey]]
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List of school districts in New Jersey

State profile
Number of students: 1,368,392
Number of schools: 2,500
Number of school districts: 603
Graduation rate: 86.46%
Per-pupil spending: $14,506
State school administration
Commissioner of Education: Christopher Cerf
State Board President: Michael Kirst
State Board Members: 13
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Quick facts
School board elections
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School boards and school board elections
List of school districts in New Jersey
New Jersey
Flag of New Jersey.png

New Jersey is home to 603 school districts, 2,500 schools and 1,368,392 K-12 students.[1][2]

Quick facts

State school administrators

  • Commissioner of Education: Christopher Cerf[3]
  • State Board of Education:[4]
    • Arcelio Aponte, President
    • Ilan Plawker, Vice President
    • Mark W. Biedron
    • Ronald K. Butcher
    • Claire Chamberlain
    • Joseph Fisicaro
    • Jack Fornaro
    • Edithe Fulton
    • Robert P. Haney
    • Ernest P. Lepore
    • Andrew J. Mulvihill
    • J. Peter Simon
    • Dr. Dorothy S. Strickland
    • Caitlin Slate, Student Member


The following table displays the top ten New Jersey school districts by total student enrollment.

Student enrollment
1.) Newark
2.) Jersey City
3.) Paterson
4.) Elizabeth
5.) Toms River Regional
6.) Edison Township
7.) Passaic
8.) Woodbridge Township
9.) Camden City
10.) Hamilton Township


The following table displays the ethnic distribution of students in New Jersey.[2]

Ethnicity Number of students Percentage
White 683,204 49.93%
Hispanic 320,036 23.39%
African American 221,397 16.18%
Asian 125,088 9.14%
Two or More Races 13,731 1.03%
Pacific Islander 3,169 0.20%
American Indian 1,765 0.11%

School board elections

Upcoming elections

See also: New Jersey school board elections, 2014

In 2014, 19 top enrollment school districts in New Jersey will hold elections for a total of 56 seats. Five of these school districts will hold their elections on April 15, 2014 while the other 14 districts will hold their elections on November 4, 2014.

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