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===See also===  
===See also===  
* [[List of New Mexico ballot measures]]
* [[List of New Mexico ballot measures]]
* [[Procedures for qualifying an initiative in New Mexico]]
* [[Laws governing the initiative process in New Mexico]]
* [[History of Initiative & Referendum in New Mexico]]

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Five proposed constitutional amendments will be on the November 4, 2008 ballot in New Mexico. All of the ballot measures gained a spot on the ballot through the process of legislative referral.

What will be on the ballot

Authorization Title Subject Description Status
SJR-7 Mid-term Salary Increases Administration of government Allow for midterm salary increases for county officers On Ballot
SJR-6 School Board Amendment Elections Allow some school boards to have 9 members; allow voting for school board by mail-in ballot On Ballot
SJR-1 Cabinet Secretary Confirmation Act Administration of government Require confirmation of Cabinet Secretaries at the beginning of each term of a Governor On Ballot
SJR-4 School Elections Act Elections Allow school elections to be held at the same time as non-partisan elections. On Ballot
SJR-8 Lieutenant Governor Vacancy Act Administration of government In the case of a vacancy in the office of Lieutenant Governor, the Governor shall fill the vacany by appointment with the consent of the Senate. On Ballot

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