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{{Legislative bureaus}}
{{Legislative bureaus}}
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{{New Mexico}}
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[[Category:State legislature service bureaus]]
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[[Category:New Mexico]]

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The New Mexico Legislative Council Service is a non-partisan legislative service agency dedicated to serving the members and staff of the New Mexico Legislature.


The New Mexico Legislative Council Service is governed by the New Mexico Legislative Council[1]. The Legislative Council is made up of sixteen elected officials that represent both parties and both chambers of the Legislature[2].

Services offered

Bill Drafting

Legislative Council Service staff is responsible for handling all bill drafting requests that come from members of the Legislature. Also, the LCS drafts legislation for Executive and Judicial Branch agencies in New Mexico[2].

Library services

A full legislative library is run by the Legislative Council Service. The library is open to legislators, staff, and the general public[2].

Research services

Legislative Council Service is responsible for all legal research, short and long-term legislative research, along with most fiscal research[2]. The New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee handles any other fiscal research not in the jurisdiction of the Legislative Council Service.

State Capitol Maintenance

The Director of the Legislative Council Service is responsible for overseeing the maintenance operations of the New Mexico State Capitol complex[2].

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