New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee

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The New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee is a nonpartisan legislative service agency dealing with handling the New Mexico state budget and other fiscal research matters.

Mission statement

The mission of the Legislative Finance Committee is to provide the Legislature with objective fiscal and public policy analyses, recommendations and oversight of state agencies to improve performance and ensure accountability through the effective allocation of resources for the benefit of all New Mexicans[1].


The Legislative Finance Committee was first formed in 1957 as the budget research arm of the New Mexico Legislature. The LFC increased its responsibilities to add performance audits in 1991[2].


The Legislative Finance Committee is governed by 16 elected officials in both the New Mexico House and the New Mexico Senate. Both Republicans and Democrats are represented proportionally[3].

Services offered

New Mexico budget

The Legislative Finance Committee plays an unique role in the New Mexico budget as they are one of a few service agencies in the nation that make budget recommendations along with the Governor of New Mexico. Also, the LFC monitors the financial health of the New Mexico state government[2].

Program evaluation

The program evaluation unit is responsible for making recommendations and evaluating the performance of programs in the New Mexico state government. The unit can make recommendations to make the programs improve its performance along with any necessary regulation if needed to help change government programs[2].

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