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* [http://www.dos.ny.gov/ New York State Department of State]
* [http://www.dos.ny.gov/ New York State Department of State]
* [http://www.nysed.gov/ New York Education Department]
* [http://www.nysed.gov/ New York State Education Department]
* [http://www.p12.nysed.gov/ Office of P-12 Education]
* [http://www.p12.nysed.gov/ Office of P-12 Education]
* [http://www.nyssba.org/ New York State School Boards Association]
* [http://www.nyssba.org/ New York State School Boards Association]

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K-12 Education in New York
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Education facts
State Superintendent: John King (New York)
Number of students: 2,704,718[1]
Number of teachers: 209,527
Teacher/pupil ratio: 1:12.9
Number of school districts: 923
Number of schools: 4,752
Graduation rate: 77%[2]
Per-pupil spending: $19,076[3]
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Glossary of education terms

New York is home to 923 school districts, 4,752 schools and 2,704,718 K-12 students.[4][5][6]

Quick facts

State school administrators

  • State Board of Regents[7]
    • Merryl H. Tisch, Chancellor, At-Large Member
    • Anthony S. Bottar, Vice Chancellor, Fifth Judicial District
    • Robert M. Bennett, Chancellor Emeritus, Eighth Judicial District
    • Charles R. Bendit, First Judicial District
    • Dr. Kathleen M. Cashin, Second Judicial District
    • Josephine Victoria Finn, Third Judicial District
    • Dr. James C. Dawson, Fourth Judicial District
    • James R. Tallon, Jr., Sixth Judicial District
    • T. Andrew Brown, Seventh Judicial District
    • Harry Phillips, III, Ninth Judicial District
    • Roger Tilles, Tenth Judicial District
    • Dr. Geraldine D. Chapey, Eleventh Judicial District
    • Dr. Betty A. Rosa, Twelfth Judicial District
    • Christine D. Cea, Thirteenth Judicial District
    • Dr. James E. Cottrell, At-Large Member
    • Wade S. Norwood, At-Large Member
    • Dr. Lester W. Young, Jr., At-Large Member


The following table displays the state's top 10 school districts by total student enrollment and per-pupil spending.[8][9]

Student enrollment Per-pupil spending
1.) New York City Department of Education 1.) Kiryas Joel
2.) Buffalo 2.) Bridgehampton Union Free
3.) Rochester City 3.) Long Lake Central
4.) Yonkers 4.) Fishers Island Union Free
5.) Syracuse City 5.) Amagansett Union Free
6.) Brentwood Union Free 6.) Newcomb Central
7.) Sachem Central 7.) Pocantico Hills Central
8.) Wappingers Central 8.) Southampton Union Free
9.) Greece Central 9.) Minerva Central
10.) Newburgh Enlarged City 10.) Shelter Island Union Free


See also: Demographic information for all students in all 50 states

The following table displays the ethnic distribution of students in New York as reported in the National Center for Education Statistics Common Core of Data for 2011-2012.[10]

Demographic Information for New York's K-12 Public School System
Ethnicity Students State Percentage United States Percentage**
American Indian 14,675 0.54% 1.10%
Asian 226,656 8.38% 4.68%
African American 500,175 18.49% 15.68%
Hawaiian Nat./Pacific Isl. Students 5,214 0.19% 0.42%
Hispanic 630,920 23.33% 24.37%
White 1,304,500 48.23% 51.21%
Two or More 22,578 0.83% 2.54%
**Note: This is the percentage of all students in the United States that are reported to be of this ethnicity.

School board elections

Upcoming elections

See also: New York school board elections, 2014

A total of 16 New York school districts among America's largest school districts by enrollment held elections in 2014 for 47 seats. Each district held its elections in May 2014.

Here are several quick facts about New York's school board elections in 2014:

The districts listed below served 202,612 K-12 students during the 2010-2011 school year, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.[11] Click on the district names for more information on the district and its school board elections.

2014 New York School Board Elections
District Date Seats up for election Total board seats Student enrollment
Buffalo Public Schools 5/6/2014 3 9 33,543
Arlington Central School District 5/20/2014 3 9 9,724
Brentwood Union Free School District 5/20/2014 2 7 16,833
Greece Central School District 5/20/2014 3 9 12,220
Half Hollow Hills Central School District 5/20/2014 3 7 9,882
Middle County Central School District 5/20/2014 3 9 10,806
New Rochelle School District 5/20/2014 2 9 10,889
Newburgh Enlarged City School District 5/20/2014 4 9 11,623
North Syracuse Central School District 5/20/2014 3 9 9,661
Sachem Central School District 5/20/2014 3 9 14,668
Schenectady City School District 5/20/2014 3 7 9,918
Shenendehowa Central School District 5/20/2014 3 7 9,839
Smothtown Central School District 5/20/2014 3 7 10,810
Utica City School District 5/20/2014 1 7 9,481
Wappingers Central School District 5/20/2014 5 9 12,314
Williamsville Central School District 5/20/2014 3 9 10,401

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