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|style="color:#000;" align="left"|'''Key government offices'''
|style="color:#000;" align="left"|'''Key government offices'''
* [[New York Board of Elections]]: Monitors elections in New York
* [[State election agencies#New York| New York Election Agencies]]
* [[New York Secretary of State]]
* [[New York Secretary of State]]

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Vote fraud alert

  • Dead people voting: A list of the deceased registered to vote in New York
  • Felons voting: A list of incarcerated felons registered to vote in New York
  • Vote fraud hot spots: A list of municipalities and wards known as "hot spots" for voter fraud in New York

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New York vote fraud news

October 13, 2008
No Problems Reported with the Long Island Section of ACORN

(New York) Newsday-In a rare turn of events, a elections commissioner from the Suffolk County told the major newspaper of the Long Island region Newsday that there has been no known evidence of fraudlent registrations by ACORN...more

September 30, 2008
New York One of 19 States Doing Massive Voter Roll Purges According to CBS News Investigation

CBS News Issued a report that New York is one of nineteen states according to a report by the Brennan Center for Justice at New York Law School has claimed that New York is ignoring a law that prohibits states from "purging" voters 90 days before an election. ...more

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