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No-excuse absentee voting efforts come to an end in Virginia

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January 16, 2013


By Eric Veram

Richmond, Virginia: Efforts to introduce no-excuse absentee voting in Virginia died in committee on Tuesday, January 15. The push to allow unrestricted absentee voting was caused primarily by the unusually long lines at voting booths in November 2012. Supporters argued that the proposal would have addressed a number of issues, including, more convenient hours for working families, more manageable crowds on Election Day, and the privacy of applications needed to vote absentee. The bills were killed by two Republican dominated committees, the House Privileges and Elections subcommittee and the Senate Privileges and Elections Committee, that voted on party lines. The committees did, however, postpone the hearing on a bill requiring photo identification to vote to a later subcommittee meeting, a bill which, if passed, would create even longer delays at the polls.[1]

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