North Carolina General Assembly Fiscal Research Division

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The North Carolina General Assembly Fiscal Research Division is a non-partisan legislative service agency that is dedicated to providing fiscal research and analysis to the North Carolina General Assembly.

Mission statement

The non-partisan Fiscal Research Division provides budget and tax-related analysis and information to all members of the General Assembly[1].


The Fiscal Research Division is led by an Executive Director who runs the day to day operations of the agency. The Executive Director oversees a staff of 37[2].

Services offered

Committee staffing

The Fiscal Research Division provides research staff to the House and Senate Finance Committees. In addition, the Fiscal Research Division staffs all appropraitions subcommittees in the North Carolina General Assembly[3].

Fiscal impact notes

All fiscal impact statements are provided by the Fiscal Research Division. Fiscal notes are required for any legislation that has an impact on state or local government finances, any legislation to increase criminal penalities, and if any legislation changes state-supported medical and retirement benefits[4].

Fiscal research

Staff in the Fiscal Research Division are responsible for monitoring the fiscal health of the State of North Carolina. Also, Fiscal Research staff analyze the state budget and provide recommendations to the Governor of North Carolina to make any cuts or additions to the budget. Also, all state government agencies are monitored by the Fiscal Research Division along with tracking how federal policies can affect the state[5].

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