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North Carolina

North Carolina State Executives
GovernorLieutenant Governor
Secretary of StateAttorney General
Superintendent of Education

Agriculture Commissioner
Insurance Commissioner
Natural Resources Commissioner
Labor Commissioner
Public Service Commission
The North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction is a state executive position in the North Carolina state government. The current officeholder is June Atkinson.

2012 ballot measure

North Carolina State Board of Education Amendment (2012)

A 2012 proposed legislatively-referred constitutional amendment calls for changing the state superintendent from an appointed to an elected position. Additionally, the proposed measure would shift authority from the Board of Education to the elected superintendent. Specifically, the board would become an advisory panel. Eight of the 11 board members would be chosen by the House speaker and Senate president.[1] In order to qualify the measure for the ballot, the proposal must be approved by a 60% vote of each house of the North Carolina State Legislature.

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