North Dakota 1992 ballot measures

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This table shows all initiatives and referenda that made the ballot in North Dakota for 1992.

For information on other citizen initiatives that attempted but failed to make the ballot, see North Dakota 1992 citizen initiatives.

1992 Election Results

Type Title Subject Description Outcome
LR Constitutional Measure 1 (Primary) Labor & Employment Payment of adjusted compensation to North Dakota veterans of Persian Gulf and other foreign theatres by appropriation or issuance of bonds Approved
LR Constitutional Measure 1 (General) Legislatures Provides that bills passed by the Legislative Assembly become effective on August 1 after passage, or 90 days after filing with the Secretary of State if filed between August 1 and January 1 of the following year. Approved
LR Constitutional Measure 2 State & Local Government Certain exchanges of land and mineral rights between Board of University and School Lands and private owners Defeated
LR Constitutional Measure 3 State Budgets Create a Bicentennial trust fund for 2089 Defeated
CICA Initiated Measure 4 Tax & Revenue Establishes water development objectives and imposes a one-half of one percent sales and use tax Defeated
CICA Initiated Measure 5 Elections Creates a statutory prohibition on the placement of a person's name on the ballot at any election for the office of United States senator or representative in Congress Approved
CICA Initiated Measure 6 Criminal Justice Creates a new section of the North Dakota Century Code prohibiting stopping and/or searching of vehicles and occupants at random Defeated
CICA Initiated Measure 7 Environmental Protection Creates a new section of the North Dakota Century Code to establish an environmental protection and recycling fund that is funded by fees imposed on generators of waste Defeated
LR Referred Measure 3 Commerce & Economic Development Allows businesses to be open after noon on Sunday Approved
LR Referred Measure 4 Labor & Employment Allows school boards and teachers' representatives to request final offer resolution as a means of resolving impasses over salaries and other monetary fringe benefits Defeated

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