North Dakota 2000 ballot measures

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This table shows all initiatives and referenda that made the ballot in North Dakota for 2000. In the tables below, "CICA" stands for citizen-initiated constitutional amendment, "CSS" for a citizen-initiated state statute, "CR" for a citizen referendum, and "LR" for a legislative referral.

For information on other citizen initiatives that attempted but failed to make the ballot, see North Dakota 2000 citizen initiatives.

Key facts

  • Through 1998, a total of 166 citizen-initiated ballot propositions had appeared on North Dakota's ballot since the beginning of the process in 1918. Of those, 75 passed and 91 failed.
  • With no initiatives on the 2000 ballot, the historical total of North Dakota's citizen initiatives remains at 166.


Year Type Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Status
2000 LR Constitutional Measure 1 (General) Civil & Constitutional Law The new section would add these words to the state's constitution: "Hunting, trapping, and fishing and the taking of game and fish are a valued part of our heritage and will be preserved for the people and managed by law and regulation for the public good." (HCR 3018) Passed
Yes: 77.0
No: 23.0
2000 LR Constitutional Measure 1 (Primary) Education State Board of Higher Education Passed
Yes: 58.1
No: 41.9
2000 LR Constitutional Measure 2 State & Local Government Executive Branch Officers Passed
Yes: 61.9
No: 38.1
2000 LR Constitutional Measure 3 State & Local Government Elimination of State Treasurer Failed
Yes: 47.5
No: 52.5
2000 LR Constitutional Measure 4 State & Local Government Filling Legislative Vacancies Passed
Yes: 51.5
No: 48.5

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