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North Dakota Alcohol Tax Increase Initiative did not appear on the November 2, 2010 statewide ballot in North Dakota as an initiated state statute. The proposed initiative called for increasing the state tax on wine, beer and liquor.[1] The revenue would have been dedicated to paying for alcohol education and prevention. The initiative was sponsored by Duane Peterson. "We feel that local coalitions, local organizations and schools are lacking the funding in order to properly educate the kids. We feel that this would really help out," said Peterson. Preliminary estimates by supporters stated that the tax increase would have generated approximately $2 million.[2]

Ballot summary

According to the filed proposal, tax increases included:[1]

  • six-pack of beer 9 cents to 14 cents
  • wine (1 liter) 2.3 cents increase
  • whiskey, vodka or other liquors (1 liter) 9 cents increase
  • keg of beer 8 cents to 17 cents per gallon

A portion of the allocated tax revenues would have been dedicated to the "Prevention Advisory Council on Drugs and Alcohol."[1]

Path to the ballot

See also: North Dakota signature requirements

In order to place the proposed measure on the ballot, supporters were required to collect a minimum of 12,844 valid signatures from North Dakota voters by August 4.[1] However, by petition deadline day, supporters failed to collect and submit sufficient signatures.

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